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11 Popular Flowers for Your Wedding

Flowers differ by their fragrances, shapes, colors, costs, and meanings. Whichever you do choose, the simple truth is that flowers add to your wedding, an allure that you will seldom get with other wedding decorations. You can choose to have only one kind of flower at your wedding or a mixture of flowers. The result will be the same; a beautiful atmosphere and an amazing backdrop for your wedding photographer to work with. In choosing your wedding flowers, you could go with either color or even their meanings. If you can’t however seem to make up your mind, the following paragraphs on flowers and their meanings might help. Ready? Keep reading then.   

  • Roses at a wedding signify a celebration of love and beauty. They come in colors like white, cream, orange, yellow, dark pink, pale pink, red and burgundy. They also grow all year round.
  • Peonies signify delicate beauty and are normally available in the spring. You can find white, cream, peach, pink and burgundy peonies if you know just where to look.  
  • Tulips are available in nearly every color of the rainbow and signify happy years ahead. They are very beautiful flowers and will look amazing in your wedding photographs.
  • Sweet Peas at a wedding signify a celebration of long-lasting happiness. They come in white, apricot, cream, pale pink, dark pink, red, lavender and purple.
  • Dahlias have the most amazing spicy scent and signify dignity. They come in yellow, orange, white pink and purple.
  • Bouvardias are a great way to show your enthusiasm for the future at your wedding. They however only come in white, peach, pink and red so only go for them if those fit with your wedding’s color theme.
  • Hydrangeas are the flowers to go for if you want to celebrate devotion at your wedding. Colors of hydrangeas range from pink to blue, including shades of lavender, violet, and purple. They also exist in green and white.
  • Sunflowers are often bright yellow with brown centers. You can however find varieties that include shades of copper, red, brown, orange or are bi-colored. Sunflowers at a wedding celebrate loyalty and admiration.  
  • Carnations represent fascination at a wedding. They are available in yellow, white, pink or red. They can also be speckled.  
  • Daisies only come in white and can be used to portray innocence. They’ll look good in your wedding pictures too.
  • Orchids If you want to portray luxury at your wedding, then orchids are the flowers to go for. They come in white, green, yellow, apricot, pink, red, orange and burgundy.

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