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Wedding Band Styles | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer | NJ, PA, DE Photographer

Did you know that certain celebs and some regular folk are choosing to tattoo their wedding bands on their ring fingers? Not to worry though, there are still beautiful and less painful ways out there that are worth your time. 

Wedding bands can be found in different setting styles, metals, and metal colors. Do you want them with and without diamonds and gemstones? You can find those too. With so many options out there, it can be a bit difficult to make a choice. Your wedding band style is however completely up to you! You can use it to tone down your engagement ring, add more flair to it or simply to complete the set. Lots of couples buy bands that match with their engagement ring, but it’s not unheard of to have different metal colors for versatility. You can even have your wedding date engraved inside it as a way of personalizing it. 

Does this all sound confusing? Don’t worry we try to lay it out a bit more in the following paragraphs. Don’t forget that when it comes to authentic, beautiful and amazing photos for your wedding in Kansas City, St. Louis and anywhere else in the world, Stories of Love Wedding Photography is the company for you. Now let’s talk a bit more about wedding band styles.   

  • Metal Band

The classic metal wedding band usually has no gemstones and could be crafted from platinum, 18k, 14k white, yellow or rose gold. You can also find it available in titanium or stainless steel. The popular metal used to craft the metal wedding band is platinum. Why you ask? It is the shiniest metal and as the years go by it develops a beautiful patina which can be buffed away to return the ring to its original shine without rubbing down the metal. The metal wedding band style matches with engagement rings of any style and can also be used to layer with other bands. If you are a couple that is active and does not intend to take off your wedding band often, you can go for this band. You won’t have to worry about diamond or prong damage either. 

  • Pavé Band

In the pavé wedding band style, diamonds are set into the metal resulting in an encrusted band. They could be of any pattern. If you want the sparkle of diamonds but don’t quite fancy the look of prongs, then this is the band to go for. If your engagement ring has a pavé band or is a cushion cut solitaire with a pavé then this band style will make a great pairing partner. 

  • Eternity Band

With eternity wedding bands, identically sized diamonds go around the entire ring as a symbol of eternity. Cute right? Eternity bands have lots of options so every kind of couple can find their best fit. If your bride intends to wear her wedding band as a standalone without her engagement ring, this would be the best option to go for too. It can make a statement all by itself. 

Now, there are many styles of eternity wedding bands that you can go for but the 2 most common are the Shared Prong Setting and the Channel Setting Eternity Bands. 

In the shared prong setting, the diamonds sit next to each other and share a prong from each side. The prongs form the letter “u”. The diamond is exposed from the top and the sides which makes it very sparkly. 

While in the Channel setting, the diamonds lie side by side inside a metal channel which makes up the sides of the ring. 

You can find eternity bands with any diamond cut that you can find in an engagement ring. Round, cushion, emerald, etc. Shared prong eternity bands go best with classic engagement rings so if you intend to match, take note of that. They’ll also add a shine to the look. If you’re however going to pair a channel eternity band, it should be to a channel set engagement ring. 

  • Anniversary Band

Anniversary wedding bands are similar to eternity bands but the diamonds only go halfway around the ring. If you want the timeless sparkly look of the eternity band but don’t want the bulkiness of having diamonds between your fingers on the inside of your hand, then go for this band. The anniversary wedding band matches with any type of engagement ring which has the same setting. 

One fun thing about rings is that you can flaunt them in your pictures, whether they be engagement or your main wedding photos. They add to the flair of your pictures and Stories of Love Photography can make sure that those photos are ones that you look back on with fondness and nostalgia. We’re great when it comes to wedding photography and would love to hear from you. Give us a call today!